The problem of alcoholism - how to deal with it?

Alcoholism is a disease that is constantly evolving, it is a chronic condition. It will cause life-threatening and health-threatening complications, so you need to be especially careful about it. It is a disease that has actually been known for thousands of years and is rooted in biological factors such as genetic, psychological, social or environmental. If someone starts abusing alcohol, it turns out that there will be characteristic symptoms of alcoholism that will have a degrading effect on the alcoholic person and his family environment. What do the experts from portal alkoholwrodzinie.plsay about it ?

When can the symptoms of alcohol addiction appear?

First of all, when the frequency of alcohol consumption increases and the purpose of consumption begins to change into an attempt to treat oneself in a moment of failure and frustration. Alcohol over time begins to be consumed in prohibited situations such as driving, drinking alcohol while pregnant, while breastfeeding. Incidents of intoxication begin to occur. Alcohol starts to bother people around you and they start suggesting that you stop drinking or limit it. Drinking alcohol begins to treat abstinence symptoms, drinking on a wedge. We begin to have trouble recalling situations related to drinking, so-called memory gaps.

A disease of the whole family

We must remember that alcoholism is really a disease of the whole family, not just one person. Many people don't understand why alcohol addiction is treated this way. So it is worth looking at the family in which alcoholism will take shape, then it will be possible to understand what this very problem will consist of. If symptoms of alcoholism appear in one person, a situation begins in which this very disease begins to control the life of the family. It is the alcoholism that begins to shape the family life. Just like the addict the family will deny the existence of the addiction at the very beginning. At this stage no one tries to seek help. Over time, one begins to avoid contact with the public in order to reduce the visibility of the problem. In this way the family tries to protect its external image despite the fact that conflicts are developing strongly inside.


Emotional problems of the whole family

At some point there will be a stage of chaos in which the family begins to lose hope that the problems that arise can still be resolved. Emotional problems begin to develop strongly in the children and the alcoholic's partner will tolerate the drinking, protect, cover for the drinker. A situation begins where the whole family will concentrate on trying to influence the alcoholic, looking for opportunities to counteract this behaviour. Other spheres of life are neglected, no attention is paid to them. Addiction at one point makes the whole house subject to it and it can be said that this problem will be the axis of the whole family life. Alcoholism will also gradually dominate the area of thinking, it shapes the attitudes and behavior of all people. Alcoholic disease in the interpersonal dimension will permanently affect the loved ones of the addict, will cause them great damage.


This form of functioning over time causes codependency to begin to grow. The family gives in to what is going on at home and the adults actually become like helpers in drinking. In such a situation getting out of the problem without seeking professional help may be practically impossible. Then only a good specialist can prove to be a support.

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