Fruit salads? Not only sweet! Discover some savoury inspirations

Many people associate fruit salads with dessert or a sweet snack. We usually think of a combination of mango, citrus, grapes or watermelon, which together form an exotic whole. However, all of these fruits can be successfully included in dry dishes, giving them a flavour with subtle sweet notes. Which fruits are best suited to dry dishes?

Pineapple - ideal for meats

Salad with chicken and pineapple is a real classic with this delicious fruit in the lead role. It also composes perfectly with corn, leek, celery or peppers. Pineapple perfectly emphasizes the taste of delicate meats, such as grilled chicken breast or tinned ham. By combining pineapple chunks with pearl barley, fried shrimps, colourful peppers and dressing with soy sauce, we obtain an excellent oriental salad. It is also worth adding this fruit to an impressive looking layered salad, served in a transparent dish, as well as to delicate pasta dishes. A hollowed out pineapple half can also serve as an original platter for a dish of your choice, such as chicken and pineapple salad, or a fruit salad with grilled meat pieces.

Citrus in dry salads

Although oranges and tangerines can even be very sweet, they are quite often added to dry dishes. Like pineapples, they go well with chicken meat, but by keeping it sour, they are also added to roast duck, beef and even fatty pork like bacon. Citrus also tastes great as a raw ingredient in various salads. Apart from serving them with meat pieces, we can also use such ingredients as rocket, nuts, onions, peppers, feta cheese or cherry tomatoes. Before we add oranges to any salad, we should remember to fillet them first, i.e. remove unpalatable membranes and seeds from each piece.

Salad with avocado? Delicious!

Unusual properties of this fruit were appreciated already 7000 years ago. Due to the presence of beneficial monounsaturated fats and numerous vitamins it is very popular, becoming a component of a balanced diet. Therefore, it is worth adding avocados to salads, baking or preparing a delicious paste - guacamole. An appetising salad with avocado can also appear on our table. The ripe fruit has a neutral, slightly nutty taste, so it goes well with many ingredients.

Avocado salad tastes great as a stand-alone dish or a starter. Sliced pieces of fruit with red onion, cherry tomatoes, chili and lemon juice are a great addition to grilled or fried meats, such as steak or bacon. Avocados can also be successfully combined with almost all types of lettuce, hard boiled eggs, vegetables and other fruits.

Juicy grapes for salads

Large ripe grapes - especially the dark ones - are a great ingredient for many dry salads. After thorough washing, cutting in half and removing seeds, they can be combined with cheeses (especially blue cheese), rocket, tomatoes or nuts. Together with a light dressing they create an unforgettable sweet and sour duet. Grapes can also be added to such dishes as avocado salad, fruit salad, or salad with various meats. They are also worth using in a salad with grilled chicken, arugula, corn and pineapple. In this type of salad, the role of dressing can be proved by mayonnaise, such as Majonez Dekoracyjny WINIARY, mixed with a bit of yogurt, pepper and curry spice, which will combine the taste of individual ingredients into a tasty whole.

Pomegranate in a salad? Absolutely!

Some dishes, such as salad with chicken and pineapple, salad with chicory or distinct goat cheese, are often sprinkled with juicy pomegranate seeds. And why? Because they are sweet and sour, which perfectly emphasizes the taste of delicate and less expressive ingredients. So it is worth adding this fruit to salads with spinach, cucumber, cheeses, arugula, avocado or chicken breast to give them a little more flavor and an original exotic note.

Fruit, due to its diversity in terms of texture and flavor, can successfully emphasize the taste of dry dishes, or even form their basis. Adding crunchy pomegranate or juicy mandarins will turn a simple dish into a small culinary masterpiece, and unique in taste salad with chicken and pineapple or appetising salad with avocado will surely win the hearts of your family!

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