What to look for when buying a espresso machine?

You have already made up your mind that as an avid coffee drinker you want to have such a wonder at home. It saves time but also money. The same coffee as in a cafe you can enjoy at home and do not spend on it several zlotys. It is important especially if you live outside big cities and you still love the taste of professionally made coffee. If you buy flavoured syrups, it will be just like in a chain café.

Why choose an automatic espresso machine?

There are many options to choose from on the market. It is possible to brew coffee "pour over" in a glass, you can also brew coffee in a coffee machine, or use a dripper for this purpose. When it comes to espresso machines, there are many other cheaper options such as drip or capsule machines, but true coffee aficionados know that nothing tastes as good as a cup of coffee from an espresso machine. There's a reason why we don't see other devices in professional coffee shops.

What are the advantages of such a device:

  • It is more advanced
  • They allow you to make different types of coffee
  • They are often equipped with an additional milk frother
  • They also have many useful functions
  • The coffee from such a machine is simply better tasting and healthier

It is advisable to invest in a machine that will automatically grind the beans before brewing. It's a good idea to invest in a machine that will automatically grind the beans before brewing. You can then buy the ground coffee and pour it into a container, press a button on the machine and it will do everything for you and in a few moments the coffee will be ready. Freshly ground coffee is the best because it contains more essential oils, which in ground coffee beans quickly evaporate. And it is these oils that make the finished beverage taste so good.

Useful additional features

When you are making such an investment it is worth paying attention to whether the device has additional functions. These can be useful:

  • Automatic water and coffee dosing - so we can prepare different types of drinks
  • Steam nozzle - a milk frother for cappuccino and latte lovers
  • Water filter - especially when we have hard water, it allows us to purify it before brewing coffee
  • Power adjustment functions - to be able to choose a weaker or stronger brew
  • ESE system - if you like your coffee from a sachet
  • Self-cleaning function - very important especially if you like your coffee with milk
  • LCD display - for easier control and monitoring of brewing progress

The power of the machine

When we buy a machine, we want it to be both efficient and economical. The power of the machine determines the power of the heater, and this translates into both the drink itself and the electricity bill. The higher the power of the device, the faster the heater reaches the right temperature. The smallest machines have power from 800W, the more professional ones up to 1400W.


In a pressure machine, this is the basic issue expressed in bars. It determines at what pressure the water flows through the ground beans. It matters depending on how strong a brew you want to get. The low-pressure ones have about 4 bar, but coffee can brew in them for up to 15 minutes. The high-pressure ones have at least 9 bar and the brew is ready in 30 seconds. Characteristically, the higher the pressure, the more aromatic the coffee.

Other important features

You've already decided on a high-pressure machine with a milk frothing function, a self-cleaning machine with an LCD display where you can choose the type of coffee drink you want, so what else do you need to look at?

  • The size of the water tank. This is important because the larger the container, the less often you will need to refill it. On the other hand, if you drink a little less coffee and the water has to stand in a container, it is better to opt for something smaller.
  • The size of the coffee container. If it is large, it is good because you do not have to remember to refill it. On the other hand, coffee beans may weather and the coffee will not be as aromatic after some time.
  • The size of the machine itself. This is a serious issue when you have a small kitchen. Of course, if it has all the functions we need, we don't have to keep a milk frother and a coffee grinder, which saves space, but it is also worth considering how much space the appliance itself will take up.
  • Warming plate. It is especially important when you are forgetful and your coffee is left by the machine for a long time. Thanks to this the drink will be warm for a longer time.

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