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Surely the owners of perfectly groomed cars know exactly what paint clay is, right? This plastic mass is a real hit for cleaning the paint on almost every vehicle. It contains special polishing particles, thanks to which it is possible to carry out a simple yet very effective procedure. As we know, dirt settles in micro cracks and it cannot be washed off with a normal car wash or vacuum at a car wash. In such cases, just such a car clay, turns out to be an excellent choice. This type of action is performed among others before polishing and waxing the car. What do we get thanks to such a clay? Both a clean car, as well as extremely shiny paint, which would not be able to provide us any other car cosmetics. Removing resin particles seems to be impossible? Small elements from asphalt or tarnish from brake pads are difficult to remove? Any impurities, which a car wash cannot cope with, have to be accepted by us? A car, regardless of its age, can shine, and all this is able to provide and guarantee just a clay for paint. Types of clays for car paintwork

The market has a lot of products to offer us when it comes to clay for car paint. Companies that produce clay offer products with different compositions, hardness and consistency. It is not so easy to find the right one, especially if we do not have much knowledge in this subject. So we hope that the following information will be helpful in choosing the right cosmetic. * With regard to hardness, the following products can be distinguished:

  • - soft clay in orange

This clay is certainly the safest to use. It is very plastic and cleans well, but is also very gentle in its action. With its help you can deal with any tarnish or dirt. And although it requires long and laborious work, we can be sure that the paint will not be scratched in any way.

  • - medium clay in yellow colour

This clay is mainly directed to older cars with hard lacquers. It can also be used for current paint maintenance. It is more aggressive than orange clay and must be applied properly so that it does not damage the paint. It is an ideal choice for beginners in auto-detailing.

  • - Hard clay, rather aggressive, blue in color.

Such clay, called aggressive, is very hard and is used primarily to prepare the paint for correction. It allows for quick work, but precision and accuracy are required here, so as not to cause additional scratches.

Where to buy automotive clay?

Buying automotive clay is not such an easy task, as it may seem. Professional automotive shops, are able to offer it. You can buy it both stationary and online. Before making a purchase, it is good to compare several proposals, so as to buy the best and also the cheapest one.

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