Some interesting facts about horn loudspeakers

They stand out for their naturalness of sound, clarity of sound and at the same time surprise with their beautiful appearance. Horn speakers, also known as "pressure speakers", are a real hit among the equipment with similar characteristics. Our speakers are a guarantee of high quality sound - check which model suits your needs best.

Where are they used?

Tube loudspeakers are probably the oldest type of loudspeakers - in the beginning the sound was spread over large spaces thanks to tubes, which are nowadays the most important element of this type of equipment. Until recently horn loudspeakers were mostly used by professionals for sounding large outdoor areas such as various squares, parking lots, streets and sports venues. Horn loudspeakers are characterized by resistance to difficult weather conditions and, unlike classical loudspeakers, they have a really high acoustic power.

This type of speakers are also popular in cinemas and on stage. However horn loudspeakers are more and more popular among non-professionals. They are also used by home cinema enthusiasts and everyone who wants to really enjoy their favourite music with perfect sounds. In this situation we can find speakers, which will take up only a small amount of space.

How does it work?

The construction of a loudspeaker is based on the fact that the sound coming out of it is radiated thanks to an expanding tube. Depending on the particular model, the shape of the horn, the diaphragm structure and the magnetic system itself may differ significantly. Unlike typical speakers, these are distinguished by very high efficiency and more precise directivity.

An important advantage is also their efficiency, in other words high energy efficiency and a good ratio of acoustic quality (i.e. energy given out) to electrical quality (i.e. energy supplied). In case of professional sound reinforcement, energy saving and sound intensity turn out to be very important.

The sound of horn loudspeakers itself can be directed to specific points of your choice. This is possible thanks to a highly directed beam, which allows to provide adequate sound in large spaces.

Horn Loudspeakers

The picture shows Avantgarde Acoustic horn loudspeakers.

High-End horn loudspeakers

Nowadays there are horn loudspeakers available on the market, which are designed for all those, for whom quality and natural sound are really important. Only the most reputable brands such as Avantgarde Acoustic can create such products. The company offers a wide range of products, including compact speakers, which can be placed in virtually any home. What's more, in addition to very high quality sound, they attract the eye with their fantastic design, such as the Zero 1, which stands out from other speakers of this manufacturer with its modern look. Simple, undecorated body is the essence of simplicity and functionalism. The horns themselves were placed inside its enclosure.

Duo G2, in turn, is an extremely popular rack-mounted speaker, which achieved perfection in terms of sound thanks to the use of spherical tubes. Their large size greatly affects the pleasure and dynamics of listened music. As few other speakers, they can convey its aura and liveliness.

These are just two of many models produced by Avantgarde Acoustic, which has a wide range of products in many different colors.

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