Looking for a new apartment in Warsaw? Choose a location near the metro

Although the residential market in Warsaw dictates the highest prices in the whole of Poland, it is worth pointing out that the interest in real properties in the capital is still very high. Particularly popular are the flats located by the Warsaw underground lines.

Communication in Warsaw is very important - thanks to it you can easily get to your destination. The fastest means of communication in the capital is undoubtedly the metro, which consists of two lines - M1 and M2. Instant access is a big plus for residents of the districts through which the metro passes. At the same time, this convenience has another consequence - greater interest in those apartments that are located close to metro stations.

Although Warsaw is already quite densely built-up, developers continue to construct new residential investments in the city. When it comes to good access to the metro, those located in the districts of Wola and Mokotów deserve special attention - the proximity of the city centre and good communication, as well as easy access to infrastructure make properties in these locations very popular. When it comes to such new investments, however, Warsaw is not very cheap. We have to be prepared for a price ranging from around 7 000 PLN per square meter upwards. This is however quite a standard price for the Warsaw real estate market - higher prices can be found only in the very centre, in luxurious apartments, where prices can be as high as several thousand zlotys per square meter.

The highest price per square meter will be paid for apartments of smaller size. On the other hand, they are the most popular among buyers. They are also often chosen as a capital investment and a way to make quick money through renting. You can get acquainted with the current developers' offer in Warsaw on http://ronson.pl/inwestycje-warszawa/. The latest information can also be obtained during industry events - housing fairs.

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