Having trouble keeping things tidy? Find out what accessories you need!

Most of us do not like cleaning. It is such a necessary evil, because without it our existence in the house or apartment would become with time very inconvenient, or even impossible. If there is no one who can help us, we roll up our sleeves and clean our premises more or less systematically and conscientiously. Usually, we do the cleaning of the house in a routine manner, according to our tastes and learned methods. But what about when our actions don't give the right results? It's extremely annoying when, despite all the work, our four corners are still a mess...

Do you have this problem too? Check out how to keep your home tidy, which cleaning products you will need and which accessories will make cleaning more effective.

First of all, shopping

There are two things you need to do to keep your home tidy - a general clean and then keeping it tidy on a regular basis. For both of these, you need to have a few things at home, because water and hand power alone are not enough. What are these things?

Chemical cleaning products. You don't have to buy everything you see in advertisements. But what is essential? Dishwashing liquid. I think everyone has it at home. As it turns out, it has quite a few uses because you can use it to wash almost any surface. However, washing with dishwashing liquid does not make the floor shiny, and cleaning the bathroom will not do without a special cleansing milk. You'll also need a decent grease-dissolving liquid to tidy up your kitchen. In addition, get a product that quickly removes water stains from the bathroom.

Natural cleaning products. Those who don't want to or, for example, cannot use detergents for health reasons, can replace some of them with natural products. Ecological cleaning agents are very effective, e.g. vinegar makes surfaces grease-free and shiny and removes unpleasant smells. Clay and baking soda are useful for removing stubborn, baked-on dirt. Lemon juice dissolves grease and eliminates bad smells. On the net you can find many recipes for such "grandma's" cleaning without chemicals.

Cleaning utensils. For effective cleaning and ongoing maintenance of the home, the right tools are essential - good quality cloths, a mop for cleaning floors, a brush with a broom, accessories for cleaning windows, etc. A cordless vacuum cleaner will be a useful piece of equipment.

Storage. The Scandinavians have perfected this skill and it is to their credit that we owe a lot of convenience in this regard. Shopping depends on your budget, of course, but there are a few essentials that you should have in order to keep things tidy. These include a dirty linen bin for sure, which can be found in the bathroom but also in your teenager's room. Be sure to invest in some organizers and containers for trinkets, documents, toys, and other things that can cause chaos if left out. Of course, you'll also need a container for the aforementioned cleaning products and small cleaning utensils.

A cleaning plan - the key to success

To get the job done quickly and with satisfactory results you need a good cleaning plan. A lot depends on whether it is daily, weekly or general cleaning, which is usually done once every few months. For standard cleaning, it is a good idea to hide unnecessary items, vacuum and wipe dust first.

If the cleaning in your home is to be thorough, it is worth adopting the order "from the inside to the outside". This means you start by clearing out the cupboards and closets inside. The scheme is simple: you take out, sort, get rid of unnecessary things, wash the inside of the cupboard, arrange the contents after selection and finally wash the outside of the cupboard. Remember to do anything that can get dusty or splashy first, such as removing curtains, washing windows or washing dishes. By planning your workflow well, you'll soon find that your home can be cleaned efficiently and the results will be noticeable.


This is actually one of the most important points when cleaning. Sloppy cleaning, mopping or vacuuming won't get the job done. Use vacuum cleaner accessories, for example, and at least once in a while clean the skirting boards on the floor, upholstered furniture, cobwebs on the chandelier and other nooks and crannies. Window cleaning shouldn't end with just a quick wipe of the glass. You need to scrub the frames, the window sill, the curtain rod and the radiator - everything around the window. In the case of a shower enclosure, for example, it's not enough to scrub the shower tray, you need to wash the entire enclosure, both inside and out, the wall and the faucet. It is attention to all these details that makes the apartment tidy and your efforts are not in vain!

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