Weapons in the safe - what should you know?

More and more people decide to have a firearm in their home. However, it is very important that it should be stored in conditions specified by the law. First of all it depends on the issue of safety. The weapon can not get into the wrong hands. And this means that it can not be stolen, and also other household members can not have access to it.

Regulations governing the storage of weapons

All issues related to the storage of firearms are written down and contained in the Regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs of 26 August 2014 on the storage, carrying and registration of weapons and ammunition (Journal of Laws 2014, item 1224).

According to this ordinance, weapons may be stored in a weapon store or in a device that meets the requirements of at least class S1 according to the PN-EN 14450 standard. Such rules must be met by the home safes we choose.

How should the weapon be stored?

You have equipped yourself with a weapon, which you keep in your home safe - very good! However, do you observe all the regulations required by the Act? First of all the weapon placed in the safe must be unloaded, not without significance here are also the requirements of the manufacturer. In addition, the ammunition must be in specially designed boxes or containers, which effectively prevent hitting the cartridge primer. It must not be placed in the magazine of the weapon. For even greater security the ammunition can be placed in an additional smaller (e.g. cassette) internal safe. The keys to the safe should also be secured.

Weapons in a display case - another solution!

Sometimes the weapon is stored in special showcases. This solution is usually chosen by antique firearms collectors who want to show off their unique specimens. The requirements to be met by such showcases are also defined by the law. First of all, they should be constructions made of materials ensuring stability. Moreover, they have to be constructed in such a way that they can be fixed to the ground or blocked to make it difficult to change their location.

Besides, the glazing should be made of glass with increased resistance to penetration and shattering (at least class P6B according to PN-EN 356 standard). Other requirements related to storing weapons in showcases are also regulated by law. It talks about securing windows, as well as the entrance door to rooms where such showcases are located.

Controls of arms storage - legal issues

The issue of control of the proper storage of weapons is precisely described in Article 27 of the Weapons and Ammunition Act. From it we learn that such control is carried out by the police and in some situations by the appropriate military authorities. The result of this control is very important, because it may result in the withdrawal of the weapons permit (Article 17, point 1. of the Law on weapons and ammunition). It is worth bearing this in mind when deciding on specific home safes.

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