Arteriosclerosis and obesity - two closely related huge health problems

A large part of people living in rich and heavily industrialized countries (but not only) struggle with many health ailments. The high incidence of diseases of civilization (of the twenty-first century) is caused by living in a stressful environment, which is closely related to the rapidly developing economy and leading a dynamic pace of life.

There are constantly higher social demands, which makes people neglect their health to a large extent and neglect their basic physiological needs such as sleep or rest. People, living in a hurry, do not even control the quality and quantity of their meals. Large availability of bars and restaurants, preparing fast food to take away, makes more and more people decide to buy such food that does not impress with its composition. The most common health problems affecting people in industrialized countries are arteriosclerosis, which attacks the arteries, and obesity. Atherosclerosis of the arteries causes cholesterol molecules to build up on the inner wall of the arteries, making them narrower and therefore less passable, so that the blood flowing through them does not circulate at the appropriate speed in these vessels. As a result of atherosclerosis, cholesterol deposits grow with the progression of the disease and there is then a risk of such a deposit (clot) breaking off and clogging the artery. As a result, a person may suffer a heart attack or ischemic stroke. It is therefore very important to take care of your precious health. We should remember that it is easier and cheaper to prevent than to treat. To avoid contracting this dangerous disease, which is atherosclerosis, you should first of all follow the rules of healthy eating. What we eat has a significant impact on our appearance. Obesity increases the risk of atherosclerosis and other possible diet-related diseases. Meals should therefore be prepared by yourself, and if you sometimes do not have such an opportunity, it is best to buy them from a reliable source, so you know what is really in them. Proper nutrition is a key factor in the prevention of atherosclerosis. Anti-atherosclerotic nutritional factors include: vegetables (raw, cooked and frozen), fruit (fresh and frozen), low-fat protein products (skim milk, cheese and meat, fish, milk and milk products): milk, cheese and meats, fish, pulses), cereal products (wholemeal bread, that is, bread rich in valuable dietary fiber, thick groats - buckwheat, barley, whole-grain pasta or pasta from durum wheat - semolina), healthy fats (oils and olive oil) and liquids (the most important is water, but you can also consume weak infusions of tea).

Do not forget about moderate exercise, which is also essential in the prevention of atherosclerosis. Let's take care of our health, because we have only one.


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