Gift idea for a guy

Gifts-experiences are a good idea for a gift for every occasion. When planning a surprise for your boyfriend, you can surprise him by giving him a voucher for an extreme attraction, such as: bungee jumping, paragliding or a ride in a sports car. An original gift for him is also going to a police shooting range, flying in a wind tunnel or whisky tasting.

Extreme gifts for him

An original gift for your boyfriend is an extreme experience that will stay in his memory for a long time. A bungee jump from a 90-metre crane can be a gift for a special occasion. A qualified group of instructors, who have the highest quality equipment, are responsible for the safety of the fun. There is a possibility of recording the whole event on a camera or making a commemorative photo-report.

A paragliding flight will satisfy every fan of thrills. During the flight you will be accompanied by an instructor who will control the glider and ensure a safe landing. Taking a paragliding flight will be an unforgettable experience and at the same time it will give you an opportunity to admire the views from a previously unknown perspective. The flight takes place using a mechanical winch, and the place of take-off depends on the location. The voucher can be redeemed e.g. in the area of Lublin, Poznań, Łódź, Trójmiasto, Szczecin and Bydgoszcz.

Gift idea for a sports car lover

An idea for a gift for a guy is a voucher for an extreme ride on a professional race track. The ride takes place with chosen car, for example: Lamborghini, Porsche, Subaru, BMW or Ferrari. The duration of the attraction depends on the number of completed laps. It is possible to record the entire event and edit the filmed footage into a souvenir movie.

Police shooting range as a gift for a guy

A voucher for the police shooting range will please every firearms lover. The shooting takes place in the company of an experienced instructor who will explain in advance how to operate a weapon and will also inform you about the safety rules at the shooting range. The participant of the game has at his disposal several types of firearms of different calibers.

Fulfilling your dreams of flying

Flying in a wind tunnel is a dream come true for children about flying. The device is shaped like a tube. Inside it, strong gusts of air are generated, which lift an adult man into the air. For this reason, the wind tunnel is used for safe training of parachute jumpers.

Whisky tasting

A whisky connoisseur will certainly be pleased with a gift in the form of tasting of this high-alcohol drink. During the meeting, the participant will learn the culture of whisky drinking, as well as many interesting facts about the technological processes of its creation and ways of serving. During the course one has a unique opportunity to try many types of alcohol, such as: malt whisky, American, Irish or peat whisky.

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