Metal shelving

Metal is the second most frequently chosen raw material for furniture production, next to wood. Metal furniture is not only metal cabinets, which are the equipment of offices and archives, because due to their large capacity, resistance to damage and durability, they are used to store important documents. The most popular metal furniture are metal racks.

Metal racks have many advantages and very wide application. This is very versatile furniture produced in many variants, used for storing various types of materials. The basic task of metal racks, like the task of all racks, is to maintain order in the environment. Metal shop shelves allow to expose goods in a nice way.

Advantages of metal racks

The main advantages of metal racks are: versatility, durability, resistance to mechanical damage, stability, simplicity of construction, ease of assembly, possibility of adjusting the height of setting the shelves, possibility of fast adjustment of the rack to the size of the room. Metal racks are hard to destroy. If necessary, it is easy to clean them. It is also easy to screw them together, take them apart and move them to another place if necessary. As a result, metal shelving has many uses.

The racks are mainly used for storing various items in shops, warehouses, garages, workshops, cellars, warehouses, production plants, archives, catering premises. Metal racks can be assembled in any sequence. They can also be expanded to any height upwards. Thanks to this, space can be well managed and a lot of space can be saved.

Depending on the use of metal racks, they can be made of different types of steel. In shops, chrome-plated or painted steel shelving is used, in catering and medicine stainless steel shelving is used. Chemical products are stored on acid resistant steel racks.

How to choose metal racks?

Metal shelving can last for many years. The type of metal racking you choose depends on your industry. The type of metal shelving you will choose depends on your industry: one for a shop, one for a warehouse, one for a catering business and one for a garage or a workshop. When choosing a metal rack, you should take into account the type and amount of stored cargo.

Metal racks for private needs can be bought in DIY stores, and even in hypermarkets. Professional racks must have the appropriate approvals, so they must be purchased from reliable manufacturers.

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