Plastic containers - cleaning up

Endless amounts of paper bags, cardboard boxes, plastic wrappers and packaging. If the kitchen cupboards are full of them, and the housewife can't find the ingredients she needs among them, then it's a signal that she needs to tidy up. To this end, plastic containers come to the rescue, which not only provide order in the kitchen space, but also make it easier to observe the quantity of individual food items.

Classic containers

Almost all food containers have a lid, thanks to which the ingredients stored in them will not get damp and will stay fresh for longer. The best types of lids are those with a hermetic closure, which is the most airtight. There are also containers with a seal, which has a similar effect to the hermetic lids. Many containers have also clip-on lids and a "weck" type cap, which will definitely prevent the products from leaking out and will keep them fresh for a long time. What is more, it is worth choosing a transparent container, thanks to which we can easily observe how its contents gradually decrease. In this way you can avoid an unpleasant surprise, when while cooking a meal, you run out of a particular spice. A great solution for loose products are containers with a dispenser. When choosing dishes, used for segregation of food products, it is also worth to take into account the shape. Square and rectangular containers work best in such situations. They take up less space in cabinets and are easy to place among other items. Round containers, on the other hand, will look great as decoration on the kitchen counter. Just choose three transparent vessels, fill them with different colored products (e.g. peas, red beans, green lentils) and we have ready, universal decorative theme.

Custom containers

Apart from universal containers, there is a wide range of dishes available on the market, which have a specific purpose. A great example is a plastic container with a special groove for eggs. The same goes for fruit and vegetable containers, which should be kept covered after cutting. People who like non-standard, yet functional decorations, may be tempted to purchase fanciful containers for cakes or dishes for storing fresh herbs (e.g. a container from the Sense collection by Tescoma). The lower part of the dish will allow you to put greens into water, while the upper one will protect them from wilting. Speaking of useful and at the same time original solutions, we should also mention the containers in which you can reheat food without fear. A good example of this is the Harnec plastic container, which is used not only to store food, but also to heat it up in the microwave. It was also an ingenious idea to design a container with a date picker (e.g. the Dial model by Joseph Joseph). By manually setting the expiration date for a particular product, you can ensure that the food you have is fit for consumption. If you want to store foods that have water in them (fruit, vegetables, cold cuts, salads), look for containers with ventilation holes. This way you can avoid unpleasant surprises in the form of mold.

Plastic containers allow you not only to keep your kitchen tidy, but also to keep many food items fresh. Among the wide range of plastic containers, everyone can easily find something suitable for their needs. To see the wide selection of plastic containers, visit this store.

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