You can live on a lake. These houses float

You can live on a lake and feel almost like you are living in a regular house. This is due to the houses on water, which, as the name suggests, can be placed on a selected body of water. As their creators assure, the houses on water are the first system of energy-efficient floating houses in Europe, based on Polish idea, capital and execution. How do you live in them?

- The idea was not to create a houseboat, but a normal house, but placed on water. The house can move, but it doesn't have its own propulsion system. The technology of pontoons, which were used, allows for a draft of about 20-25 cm. So we can easily float this house on the Vistula with average water level, all we need is a tugboat or a motorboat - says Jacek Ziółkowski, Floating Platform System, to

Warsaw's first house on water is a result of combining experience and knowledge in the technology of floating objects and energy saving houses. The structure was founded on the Floating Platform System company's platform, which provides a rigid, robust, maintenance-free and ice-resistant structure that guarantees adequate load-bearing capacity and stability.

Floating house

The house, built by M3 System engineers, was made in the latest technology of low-energy house standard, in which the heat demand is at the level of 17kWh/m2/year. The house, depending on conditions, can be connected to shore or equipped with necessary utilities such as drinking water tank, fecal tanks, wind or solar power.

The demonstration house was built in Port Czerniakowski in Warsaw (entrance from Czerniakowska street into M. Zaruskiego street, right next to Jan III Sobieski Secondary School). The technology in which it was built gives many opportunities to modify the final shape, size and equipment according to individual customer requirements. The concept of the building is designed for people who value convenience, comfort and unlimited contact with nature. The building can be arranged as a year-round house, hotel apartment, office or restaurant. Approximate construction cost of 1m2 is about 1 thousand euro.

- Energy-saving construction and a possibility of built-in utilities allow for very low maintenance costs. We can forget about the burdensome rent, enjoy the comfort and proximity to nature. Our House on the Water arouses great interest among both private persons and entrepreneurs - they are attracted by low costs, relatively attractive price of the investment and something absolutely unique - a possibility to live or set up an office in an unusual place - says Dariusz Sobecki, co-owner of Floating Houses System.

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