What should you do if your domestic helper is not doing her job?

Numerous professional commitments make more and more families decide to hire a domestic helper to take care of their daily chores. However, finding the right person is not easy. An initially hard-working and reliable person may become less and less able to perform his or her tasks over time. What should you do if your live-in aide is not doing her job well? Should you fire them, or should you talk to them calmly first?

Housekeeping tasks such as cleaning and cooking are increasingly being outsourced to professionals. In this way we gain extra time for the family or to develop our passions. However, it happens that the person employed by us does not pay attention to his or her duties and we are dissatisfied with their work. How to deal with such a situation?

If the shortcomings in the work of the home help happen for the first time, it is worth waiting to draw her attention, perhaps it was only a minor oversight on her part. However, if the situation repeats itself, it is worth mentioning your dissatisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the cleaning, ask for improvements. But do it politely, without raising your voice or judging. Give the other person time to respond or apologize. Over the next few days, keep an eye on your housekeeper to see if anything has improved and if she has taken our comments to heart. If things still don't change and you see that the helper is not doing her job, have another honest conversation with her and tell her directly why you are not happy with her work.

Also pay attention to how the domestic helper justifies her shortcomings. If you keep hearing "I forgot" or "I didn't have time," be suspicious. Perhaps the person is simply lazy or poorly organized. It's also important to know whether the home help recognizes their own mistakes and shortcomings and tries to fix them, or whether they ignore our comments.

However, before you point out to the other person, you should take into account that anyone can have a bad day or feel worse. That's why you shouldn't make a fuss about your housekeeper when you notice the first shortcoming. We should also remember that the number of tasks should be adjusted to the number of hours for which we employ the help. You shouldn't expect that in just one hour she will thoroughly clean the whole house. Some things simply require more time.

To limit the situations in which the work is not done as it should be, you can set new conditions for accounting for the domestic help's duties, for example, by agreeing that you will pay her when the effect of the cleaning is satisfactory. Otherwise, the rate for the work can be reduced.

Firing the person should be a last resort. If the housekeeper notoriously fails to meet her obligations and does not respond to your comments, the only option is to terminate the relationship. You should start looking for a new employee in advance, so that you will not be left without help overnight. A new person who will take care of our home can be quickly found on the Internet, on portals such as www.pomocedomowe.pl, where we will have access to advertisements of candidates for work in the city of our choice.

Deciding on a home help should at the very beginning determine in detail all the principles of cooperation and explain exactly what we expect from the person employed by us. This will help avoid misunderstandings in the future.

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