Breakfast cannot be modest. Check what to eat

Breakfast is a meal we sometimes forget about, we eat it on the run at a random time... and this is a mistake. Our first meal should be eaten up to an hour after getting up. A well balanced breakfast will give you energy for the whole day. What should it contain?

- A wholesome breakfast is 20 to 25 percent of your energy intake. This is why you need to eat plenty of it. The base of the breakfast, as well as the food pyramid, are cereals, which are often avoided by many people who think they are fattening. It is not so if they are whole grains - says Hanna Stolińska, a dietician from the Institute of Food and Nutrition.

A nutritious breakfast

Our first meal can contain such products as: dark, full-grain bread, dairy products such as cottage cheese or cottage cheese, and fruit or oatmeal. Oatmeal can be varied by adding fruit to it. You can not forget about vegetables. Here the quantity is important, because a slice of tomato on a sandwich does not count as a vegetable. It should be a separate container or plate with a lot of vegetables and fruit.

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