How to actively spend time with your child?

Children need a lot of exercise to develop properly. Playing outdoors not only has a great effect on the physical condition of a child, but also on its health. It helps to get rid of excess energy, oxygenate the mind tired with everyday challenges, as well as develop in children the habit of active spending of time, which will certainly be useful in adult life to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Active play outdoors

When you go with your child for a walk or to the playground, it's good to have a few games to occupy your toddler, to encourage him to move and have fun. There are many different suggestions of games that you can play with your kids without using any additional accessories. The most popular games for toddlers include: tag, hide-and-seek and cubbyhole. These are extremely simple games in terms of rules, which will be very easy for children to assimilate, and which, thanks to the need to run away, hide and general dexterity, will give the kids a lot of fun. Thanks to them a parent can actively spend time with his child, taking care not only of the condition of the toddler, but also of his own, which will bring many benefits to the whole family.

To the well-known backyard games, which require the use of toys, include among others the game of footsteps or various games with balls or rackets, such as volleyball, basketball, football, badminton and their simplified versions aimed at younger children. Thanks to the presence of many original toys, you can also play frisbee with your child, fly a kite or invent your own games using the hyper disc. These and many other toys provide plenty of movement and fun for children who love to take part in group games.

Active travel

In addition to playing, children can also be provided with a good dose of activity through vehicles such as bicycles or recommended skateboards, a wide selection of which have appeared on the toy market in recent years, will not only help children stay on the move, but also develop their motor coordination, sense of balance, dexterity and help them better understand the principles of physics and traffic.

Fishboard belongs to this type of toys - it is a small size skateboard on four wheels, which, despite its small size, provides great stability to the vehicle. Its name comes from the characteristic shape resembling a fish. It is perfect for children who are just learning to ride and are fascinated by this type of fun, especially in the city, because the construction of the board makes it ideal for urban travel. The small size of the toy provides toddlers the simplicity of moving on the skateboard and steering it, and a huge selection of colors of boards and wheels makes the game even more attractive.

An alternative to a fishboard for slightly older children is a longboard. This is a skateboard, which board reaches a length of up to 150 centimetres. Thanks to its stability and appropriate design, this vehicle allows the child riding it to reach much higher speeds than a traditional skateboard. Longboards for kids are good for going up hills and are a lot of fun for kids who love speed. However, you should make sure that your child can properly control the toy before letting him ride at such high speeds. shop expert reminds that when buying a skateboard for a child, you should also take care of the necessary protectors for elbows, hands and knees and a helmet to protect the child's head. Skateboarding, although it provides a lot of fun, can lead to injury, so protect your child properly to minimize the chance of injury while riding.

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