Chandelier or plafond - what to illuminate the living room with?

Chandelier or plafond? Which type of lighting works better in my living room? How to choose so that it is both functional and aesthetically pleasing? Both types of lamps have their advantages and disadvantages. Their skilful choice allows to emphasize the living room arrangement, expose what is most interesting and at the same time provides full comfort. How to buy and arrange?

Seen in stationary vs. online shop

In DIY stores, we usually find separate areas with lighting. Small ones, among which almost a lamp hangs on a lamp. It is difficult to decide what is the prettiest. It is even more difficult to assess how a particular lamp will illuminate, because in the artificial light of the entire market, the charm is lost, the so important character of lighting is missing, and it is impossible to see the details. And what if you could ask one of your employees for advice? Theoretically it is a way out, but in a multi-branch market, finding a professional who actually knows a lot about a particular category of products borders on the miraculous.

Online shops give us completely different possibilities. Of course, what is a well-prepared photo in the Internet, and the reality, but manufacturers directing with their offer to customers, very keen on the best to render the appearance, colors, appearance of lighting. Besides, we focus on getting acquainted with details, parameters and aesthetics of only one lamp at a time. By viewing it in different juxtapositions, one can with much greater probability determine how a given type of lighting will look in reality.

The undeniable advantage is also that there are those who deal only with lighting at your disposal. You can contact not only online, but also by phone with an advisor and get expert advice. This is something that you can hardly find in big supermarkets. If we add to this offer the most unusual and unique lamps, as in the shop with lighting, you can be sure of a purchase that will satisfy in every way.

Wonderfully illuminated living room, thanks to the chandelier

Let's go to the choice, which is a chandelier. Currently there are proposals, less, as well as more spread out. Chandelier may resemble its original - a large number of arms, and at their ends, narrow bulbs placed in holders that imitate a candle with dripping wax. Pure classics, often in gold, copper, beiges and browns. It is elegant, but also quite massive. For high and large living rooms in vintage style, it is a choice that becomes a complement to the unique arrangement.

In modern living room arrangements, chandeliers that are minimalist, simple in their form, maintained in white, silver or metal color work better. They can combine metal and glass, emphasizing the aesthetics and perfectly illuminating the entire interior.

The simplest forms, chandeliers, but in a slightly raw edition, with dominant black, become friends of industrial interiors. Where are the drawbacks here? The more complex chandelier, massive, in which we find a lot of different materials - the more effort to keep clean. But the visual effects are worth it!

How about a plafond?

Plafond instead of a chandelier? If you count on evenly diffused light, safe interior, because without the risk of falling head on a hanging lamp, it is worth to think about such an alternative. Plafonds can be just as elegant, and even luxurious, as today's designer proposals of lighting manufacturers allow it. The disadvantages? Slightly limited arrangement possibilities, but in the end there are tastes and preferences.

Time for living room lighting. Let's do it!

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