Which plafond to choose?

The lighting of home interiors very often includes plafonds. This type of luminaires are used in many rooms, and thanks to the large variety of models available on the market, we can fit them into the apartment no matter what style it is. How to choose a plafond?

Advantages of plafonds

Plafonds are light fittings which are an alternative to chandeliers. Their special feature is that they usually adhere closely to the surface of the ceiling, but not only - they are also often mounted on walls, replacing the commonly used wall lamps.

The advantages of plafonds certainly include their diversity - a wealth of forms, sizes and finishes. However, we should not forget about the fact that thanks to their characteristic construction they are perfect for low rooms, where a typical chandelier would not fulfill its role and would be simply impractical.

Plafonds effectively illuminate the interior and perfectly find themselves in the role of main lighting. They can be mounted in the living room, bedroom, hallway, kitchen or bathroom, and also fit into the arrangement of the children's room. What's more, they also contribute to creating a cozy atmosphere, which is due to the fact that they cast a subtle, moody glow on the ceiling. Moreover, if we decide on a model with LED diodes, our luminaire will be energy-efficient.

advantages of plafonds

How to match plafonds with the interior?

In producers' offer we can find plafonds in many sizes, shapes and styles. One of the most important issues which should be taken into account when buying such a lighting fitting is its size. The larger our room is, and thus the surface of the ceiling, the larger plafond should be chosen - so that it will not only effectively illuminate the interior, but also will look good. In a small room, on the other hand, a smaller plafond will work better, which will not overwhelm the space optically.

When choosing plafonds for an apartment we should also take into account the style in which individual rooms are kept. In a traditional arrangement the same luminaire will come out well. In a modernistic interior it is better to reach for a lamp inspired by the latest trends.


Plafonds - from minimalism to glamour

Contemporary offer of plafonds is so rich that it will allow to fit a fitting to any interior. You can choose between round and rectangular models. Some emit light over their entire surface, while others are equipped with several separate light sources set on a common base.

Among classic shapes we can find completely innovative designs with a fanciful form. Smooth and shiny surfaces of luminaires contrast with models full of ornaments and various patterns, and minimalistic metal accents are used as often as crystal accessories. It is also worth mentioning the wide range of colours and their combinations, in which this type of luminaires is available. Such richness makes them plafonds They suit all interiors - minimalist, glamour, classical, vintage or Scandinavian. All you need to do is skilfully choose the right models from the wide offer.


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