How to remedy hair loss in your dog - simple tips!

The phenomenon of hair loss in animals is something natural, not indicative of disease or vitamin and mineral deficiency. Periodical hair loss in dogs is a natural phenomenon and huge amounts of dog hair are combed out especially in spring. Spring is the time when our beloved pets get rid of thick, warm coat which was necessary for them during winter. It is known that without an additional layer of warm hair our dog would be simply cold! Check what experts from

However, problems begin when our beloved pet loses its hair all year round - regardless of the season. This may then indicate an improper diet of our pet, or deficiencies in certain vitamins.

What can be the cause of hair loss in our pet?

The fact is that there may be many reasons for our dog's notorious hair loss. But the most common is improper diet of our pet - poor in vitamins and minerals. Unsaturated fatty acids and biotin should be important in a wholesome diet - these compounds are responsible for excessive hair loss in our pet.

What can be used for hair loss?

The easiest way to prevent hair loss in our four-legged friend will be to give him products and supplements rich in fatty acids and vitamins. The easiest way will be to give them with food. Products that are particularly healthy and affect the better condition of the hair of our pet are for example liver, broccoli or egg yolks. It is known that not every pet is fond of these products, but adding them to your favorite treats - no doubt we will achieve the desired effect!

The fact is, however, that in order for our pet to eat healthy we don't have to spend all day on preparing wholesome meals. A huge time-saver is buying the right food to improve the condition of our pet's coat and prevent it from falling out. Such food can be purchased in any pet store.


What to do when the coat falls out and the dog is notoriously "scratching"?

Sometimes, losing hair can be a serious problem, especially if your dog constantly scratches himself. This may indicate a serious skin disease or a food allergy. Intolerance of certain proteins, especially those contained in chicken meat, is a common ailment. In order to improve our pet's well-being, we should eliminate from its diet all products which are potentially dangerous and may cause allergic reactions.

Hair loss and medications

When talking about losing hair in our pet, we often don't pay attention to the fact that it can be accompanied by numerous skin symptoms. It happens that the skin of our pet is covered with numerous lumps or abscesses. In such case it is necessary to visit veterinary office to determine cause of skin changes in dog. Most often they indicate bacterial and fungal diseases. In this case, multistage treatment of our dog will be necessary - under no circumstances should we ignore these symptoms and not implement treatment at home!

In order to take care of our pet's good health, we should closely observe its behaviour. It often happens that the pet does not know at first glance that something wrong is happening in his body. Every worrying symptom should be immediately consulted with a vet.

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