Head torch or hand torch - which one to choose?

Choosing between a head torch and a handheld flashlight should not be a problem, as the purpose of both devices is different. A head torch will come in handy for all those who need light but also free hands. A handheld flashlight, on the other hand, will be suitable for all other situations. See what the differences between these two devices are and how to choose the right model for you.

Head torch vs. hand torch - which torch to choose?

A head torch and a handheld flashlight have the same purpose - to provide enough light. In addition, they have a similar power system and types of lamps. But that's where the similarities end.

When trying to decide "headlamp or handheld flashlight" you need to answer the question why you are even considering buying a headlamp. After all, you have always used a regular lamp held in your hand. Does it have to do with the fact that you need to free up your hands? If so - you have your answer.

Headlamps are designed for people who, for various reasons, can not hold them in their hand. Usually these are athletes - runners and mountaineers, but also car mechanics, speleologists, mountain rescuers.

So it is impossible to answer the question of which flashlight is better - a headlamp or a handheld - because both present different functions.


The vast majority of headlamp models are designed for physical activity, mainly running. What should characterize such devices?

First of all, headlamps for running can not cause discomfort to the user. The headlamp must fit steadily to the head and not be prone to twisting or slipping off the forehead. When choosing a torch, pay attention to its straps - they should be wide and made of moisture-wicking material. Additional stability of headlamps is provided by a second strap resting on the top of the head. This system will prove useful in case of heavier devices with a bigger battery - advises the elatarka.pl expert.

Check if the head emits diffused light. When you're running, you won't be able to use a torch with a point radius. You need a device which will give you visibility for a few metres ahead. It is good if the head has an adjustable angle so you can adjust it to your needs.

The power of the headlamp is also important and should not go below 100 lumens. The battery is responsible for providing energy to the device. The higher the power, the more energy the headlamp needs to operate. Remember however that higher power is connected with the weight of the battery and the battery should not be too heavy. After all, you will be carrying this weight on your head.

Headlamps for runners should be resistant to weather conditions. This is especially important for ultra marathons, when you never know what weather will surprise you. Therefore, a waterproof head torch will be the optimal solution to protect the battery and the lamp, whether in sun or rain.

Handheld flashlight

If you are looking for a handheld flashlight, consider whether you need a flashlight for home, a pocket-sized model for camping or hiking or a professional flashlight for work.

A home flashlight does not have to be extremely durable, powerful or have a long range. It's important that it has adjustable light output so that it can be both diffused and focused. If you need a really small model that you can carry in your pocket, a key ring torch or a torch to your keys will be suitable for you - advises the elatarka.pl expert.

On the other hand, outdoor torches should be a bit more durable, solid, resistant to mechanical injuries and weather conditions. Think about the type of power supply, whether batteries will be enough for you or rather rely on a replaceable battery. Flashlights used outdoors should have more power than their home counterparts - from 500 to even 1000 lumens. Opt for a model that emits diffused light - it will be more useful when pitching a tent.

The choice of a torch should be dictated by the nature of its purpose. The division into head torches and handheld flashlights is the most general and insufficient. Even in the area of these two groups of devices you will find large disproportions between specific models. Therefore, before buying, think carefully about what you actually need.

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