What does a proper garage door installation look like?

Smooth operation and reliability depend on proper assembly of the garage door. Admittedly, in rare cases, the owners of garages at their house take care of the installation of the gate on their own, but it is worth knowing the basic principles in order to choose the right mounting company or watch over the proper installation of the garage gate.

Garage door installation step by step

The most popular are sectional garage doors, which allow convenient control and opening of the door. This system does not occupy additional space in front of property - which is especially important for detached houses, which are located on quite small building plots.

  1. Choosing a company installing gates

The first step is of course the choice of a company dealing with the installation of garage doors. Here you should approach the subject meticulously and find the best professionals. When installing the door, it is not only important to properly mount the door and connect the electronics, but also the transportation to the destination. Some companies do not properly secure the gate, so it can arrive to the customer already bent, which will not positively affect its subsequent smooth operation.

  1. Measure the entrance to the garage door

You can make the first measurements by yourself or commission this task to professionals. If we choose the first option, it is necessary to remember about few important parameters:

  • A standard garage door for a passenger car, should be at least 250 centimeters wide and 200 centimeters high. This allows you to freely enter and exit the car.
  • When taking the measurements you cannot forget to measure the distance between the eaves and the lintel.
  • The amount of space under the ceiling is also important (it is essential when installing a sectional or overhead garage door).
  • It is worth checking with a spirit level, if the floor has no significant faults, because it will be important during the installation of the tracks.
  1. Vertical tracks installation

After these steps, you can proceed to the proper installation of the garage door, and more specifically to the installation of the vertical tracks. These are connected together with the lintel strip and angle bars. This construction must be attached to the corners and lintel.

  1. Installation of horizontal parts of the garage door

If the structure consisting of the vertical tracks and angle bars has been properly fixed, you can proceed to the installation of the horizontal part under the ceiling. The upper tracks are screwed to the side rails and to the mounting bracket that is fastened to the ceiling. The next stage is the assembly of the central support, the shaft with safety devices and springs on the lintel.

  1. Assembling and mounting the garage door

The next stage is the assembly of the garage door, which was brought in panels. This part starts with inserting the first section, starting from the bottom. Then, successive panels are inserted one by one and carefully screwed together.

  1. Installation of cables and tensioning of springs

After that you can already mount the ropes and adjust the springs, so that the door runs smoothly. It is worth to check manually if the garage door assembly went smoothly and if it opens properly or if any corrections are needed.

  1. Assembly of the operator

The last stage is to connect the operator and garage door electronics. At this stage you should also check whether the gate reacts to the opening of the remote control and whether the whole mechanism works smoothly. It is important to check whether the garage door does not fall down when opening. If this happens, it is a sign that you need to better adjust the cables. Then the door is ready for use.

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