How to optically enlarge your bathroom - 6 proven ways!

Bathroom is a room which is governed by its own rules. Difficult practical requirements have to be reconciled with usually small space and... preferably also with hot interior trends. How to do it? How to attractively and effectively enlarge a small bathroom?

1. follow the fashion rules!

It is commonly known that black things make you look slimmer and those in bright colours optically enlarge your figure. The same goes for interiors! If you want to make your bathroom look bigger, go for white tiles, or any other light shade. The room will immediately appear larger. This rule is also remembered by designers from Ceramika Paradyż who created the Tembre collection, perfect for optically enlarging the interior. Classic white never goes out of style, that is why the pure form of white tiles, decorated with a delicate lace and pendant motif, will not only enlarge a small bathroom, but will also add a romantic touch to it!

Photo: Arrangement of a small bathroom based on the Tembre/Tomb tile collection.

2. shine is welcome!

If you love shiny surfaces, we have good news: they make the room look bigger! And in the bathroom it's easy to introduce them, as the white tile elements themselves don't usually have a matte finish. So make sure your taps, toilets, washbasins and showers are always sparkling clean and your bathroom will instantly feel more spacious! Remember that a large mirror (hanging a long mirror on one of the walls is an effective way to make the bathroom feel bigger) and... plenty of storage space! Cluttered countertops or washing machine surfaces make the bathroom look smaller.

Don't divide the room - show it off!

The classic division of this room into zones works against a small bathroom. We often don't realise that a tightly closed shower or a low wall between the toilet and the bath make our bathroom visually smaller! To avoid this effect, don't divide the room - opt for a shower enclosure made of completely glossy and transparent glass (and if you can afford it, even dispense with a shower tray, which also "fences off" part of the bathroom), don't hang overwhelming shower curtains, and make sure that as much of the floor as possible remains uncovered (so invest in suspended sanitary elements - toilet bowl and washbasin).

Avoid diffused colours!

A common variation in bathrooms is to run a long strip of tiles, different in color from the rest, along or across the bathroom. This is a mistake! This solution only creates more lines, which again, optically cut across the room, giving the impression of division and overwhelm. If you want to diversify the look of your bathroom, without compromising its size, opt for decorative tiles in the same colour as the rest of the bathroom. In the Tembre collection, you will find a stunning, yet subtle selection of intricate patterns that catch the eye, yet do not disturb the harmony of the interior. Such an addition will be perfect for Scandinavian or glamour style bathrooms, but will also add character to rustic arrangements.

Photo: Tembre tile collection.

5. several sources of light is the best solution!

Replace one big light source under the bathroom ceiling with several smaller ones that will be able to illuminate every nook and cranny of the room. If they are switched on at the same time, the bathroom will appear larger because the light bulbs will be reflected in many places - in the shiny tiles, the chrome surfaces of the faucet or shower, in the mirror. One source of light coming from above will not give such a spatial effect, as several lamps or wall lamps placed in strategic places. To further increase the effect of optical enlargement, bet on a cold shade of light, which will additionally make the interior gain an elegant character and look... cleaner!

6. deceive your eyes with the game of appearances!

If your main problem is that your bathroom is too narrow or too low, you can use a simple optical illusion trick. Simply choose rectangular tiles (never square) and tile them in the direction of optical enlargement - let longer tiles climb up the walls vertically (if you want to "lengthen" the room), and tile them horizontally on the floor if you want to "widen" the bathroom). Also, choose large ceramic formats - small ones will make the room look even more cramped than it really is. Tembre collection is perfect for this kind of optical deception - the tiles are relatively large and elongated, so they will perfectly enlarge your bathroom. Tall and long furniture works the same way - choose light, long cabinets, skip low, squat models.

Photo: Bathroom arrangement. Tembre tiles collection.

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