Four interesting room decorating trends for 2021

The fashion in interiors changes so quickly that if we wanted to introduce these changes to our own home on an ongoing basis, we would certainly not be able to keep up with the next renovations. On the other hand, at least from time to time you can change something in your apartment, and it certainly doesn't hurt to keep up to date with current trends and choose from them what suits us best. Here are four interesting examples for 2021.

Floral patterns

This fashion trend may not be something very new, but in 2021 it will take a monstrous form. Literally, because floral motifs will reign in our living rooms in XXL format. The more exotic, the better. Thanks to this you will be able to feel in your home like in a magical world. This is good information for those who are bored with minimalistic interiors.

Colours are back on the scene

This year it's worth letting more colours into the interiors. What colours are they? Universal black and white will not disappear, but their group will be joined by the colour of the year 2021 according to Pantone, namely Ultra Violet. It will be joined, among others, by honey and mustard yellow, emerald or deep burgundy. Such proposals give great scope for those who want to liven up the rooms a bit.

Concrete not only on walls and floors

Concrete has been high on the list of the most popular finishing materials for some time now. However, while on floors or walls it doesn't surprise anyone, as a raw material for production of all kinds of accessories it may surprise some people. And it is in such a character that it will be seen often in 2021. It is, for example, about various types of containers, vases, or desk accessories, whose universal appearance will perfectly blend into virtually any interior.

Ceiling differently

Many people do not pay much attention to the ceilings, they are just supposed to be white and that's it. However, this is just changing. So far underestimated surface above our heads will gain a new dimension. It will be possible to give it a flashy color without any fear, apply a distinctive pattern, add character and make it finally noticeable. Investors who are just planning to build their own house and are looking for the right design for example at should already at this stage think about how the future interior should look like. Modern visualizations can help you make the right decision when it comes to a heavily accentuated ceiling.

These are just a few examples of trends for 2021, but already based on them, we can conclude that the fashion for quite frugal Scandinavian interiors is no longer as strong as before. We will certainly have more opportunities to experiment with more expressive colors, patterned materials, or wallpapers in exotic flowers. It is worth to take advantage of such an opportunity. However, for those who are just at the stage of choosing a project, a much broader context and reading industry articles may help, for example: "Houses with an attic through the eyes of developers".


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