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Nowadays we all pay close attention to the arrangement of our house or flat. Everyone wants the interior in which he lives to be both cozy and stylish, and above all original - because in this way we emphasize our own character, expressing it through the interior and distinguish ourselves from the rest. For a flat to have its own individual feature, you do not need many treatments or a lot of accessories from different parts of the world - sometimes even one element is enough to give the whole room the right character, delighting both the household members and their guests. Trendy free-standing stoves COLOR are just such an element!

Interior with an idea

COLOR free-standing stoves are best suited to homes decorated in a modern style, because their original design and rich colors simply go perfectly with furniture and accessories maintained in a similar style. However, this doesn't mean that they can't be placed in interiors decorated in a completely different way - even in those styled to look like old times. Stoves come in different models - they can look more modern or more traditional. In addition, the casing can also vary from bright red, through muted black and steel, to a casing finished with high-quality stone that looks a bit like marble. All this means that stoves can really be chosen according to your taste and the needs of your home. It will certainly be an attractive addition.

Types of COLOR stoves

COLOR stoves come in different versions, the main division is air stoves and water stoves. The latter have a water jacket, equipped with a closed combustion chamber. The air is supplied from the outside, which allows to further increase the efficiency of the device and use this type of stoves in houses with mechanical ventilation with recuperation, as well as in passive houses. It is also worth knowing that such products are exceptionally clean and will certainly not cause the accumulation of fumes in the room or the need for frequent and thorough glass cleaning. Its cleanliness is ensured by a specially designed combustion chamber as well as the division of air into primary and secondary, with the latter also being used to clean the glass. E WASSER devices are excellent water stoves.

When it comes to air stoves, there is a whole bunch to choose from! The stoves have a high efficiency air exchanger, and both their design and efficiency are the best possible. The available models are for example A1 MARS FG, A4 GAMA, C5 ALSO GOLD, D1 SOLO, G2 SUPREMA SD, H2 NOBILE or J1 LATUS. The stoves can be higher or lower, narrow or wide and with interesting accessories such as a drawer for wood or without any additional facilities. There are models such as A3 ARENA SD with glazing on 3 sides, so you can watch the fire playing merrily inside from each side. There are also models where the hearth is placed on a rotating pedestal, such as the D6 SOLO FG. In this model you will also find an open firebox for storing wood, placed below the hearth. The advantage of all products is a wide range of colours, available both in the company's gallery and in the product leaflet, which makes it possible to adjust everything to the needs of a particular interior arrangement.

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Advantages of COLOR stoves

Who does not sometimes dream of the rain or storm outside the window, watched from inside brightly lit with fireplace light and filled with flowing heat? We all have a similar sentiment, because such fireplaces are associated with something pleasant, and interiors give a special feeling of coziness, so desirable at home. After all, they even talk about "home fire". - So it's worth having similar at home! Traditional fireplaces still sometimes appear in homes, but modern versions not only look better, but are also equipped with numerous amenities that make them worth having. Apart from the design itself, stoves allow you to reduce heating costs. The possibility of regulating the flow of primary and secondary air makes it possible to keep the glass clean for a longer time, delaying the process of its getting dirty and cleaning it, as well as significantly improving the combustion process.

The installation itself is extremely easy and does not pose any problems - you do not have to painstakingly reconstruct the house and leave the fireplace when moving. The free-standing stove can be moved into the new house together with your belongings! Less power, put into the combustion process, allows you to get more heat at the same time. As you know, technology in every industry is moving forward and also the creation of fireplaces has changed tremendously, allowing you to use all the knowledge to get a better result with less energy! So everyone can have a heating device in their home that is visually attractive and adds charm to the interior, and at the same time one that allows you to heat it. Winter and autumn evenings can be spent together in a fashionable, warm room, gazing at the cheerfully crackling flames.

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