No more surprises when renovating your home

Everyone who at least once in his or her life has prepared to carry out renovation works - whether in a used flat or in a new apartment - knows the problem perfectly well... It is a great difficulty in precise planning of the expenses waiting for us.

The solution has been found by Bazarewicz Budownictwo, which has just introduced to its offer a package, so far unused in Podlasie, lump-sum system of works and related expenses.

The idea is not particularly revolutionary, because it has been working well for some time in the capital, where it "arrived" from Western Europe. We are talking about renovations performed within one of three available packages that differ in quality and type of materials used, as well as scope and standard of works.

- Trying to predict all the expenses ahead of us requires incredible experience that most of us simply lack. And even if we think that we've included all, even the smallest elements in the cost estimate, it usually turns out that there's always something new that we haven't anticipated - says Łukasz Bazarewicz, owner of Bazarewicz Budownictwo.

As he points out, it also happens that increasing costs of renovation in comparison to our initial assumptions result from changing our expectations and visions during the works.

- After all, it happens that we have decided on a particular type of tiles, but after visiting a showroom, it turns out that we end up deciding on a different, usually more expensive model, which simply caught our eye. And automatically the costs rise. It is the same with basically every element," he adds.

Flat renovation

The new way of planning works is based on a very simple scheme. Customers have a choice of three packages which vary in terms of standard and quality of materials used.

Each of them differs, of course, in a flat-rate price per square meter of the premises, which includes comprehensive preparation of the rooms for habitation. Therefore, the price includes not only the renovation, but also furnishing of the apartment with kitchen and bathroom furniture. Within the framework of each of them, the clients may choose from several and sometimes even a dozen or so available types and models of various elements: tiles, lighting, switches, panels, paints, decorations, among others.

- First, the customer decides on the style of the apartment, having a choice of several: modern, Scandinavian, classic, rustic. Then he chooses the price package that suits him best, which in turn influences the types of materials available in a given proposal,' explains Łukasz Bazarewicz.

What's important, before starting work, the client receives a design of the apartment, taking into account the chosen interior style, price package and all finishing elements chosen from the catalogue available within a given solution, including accessories and furniture. Thanks to that, the investor gains precise knowledge about the expected renovation costs, which will not surprise him in any way.

The basis of this proposal is the cooperation of the contractor, architect, shops with building materials and interior furnishings and carpenter's workshop. - An offer like the one we have prepared together means, above all, a considerable comfort for the investor who does not have to worry about thousands of minor, but also quite serious elements related to the renovation work - says Joanna Dembowska of the J2Studio Interior Design Studio.

As she points out, when deciding on such a solution, the client gains, first of all, peace of mind: - Handing over the keys to the apartment to us, in practice, after a month they can already move in, receiving a newly-finished, shiny flat. What is important, there is no need to constantly watch the progress of work and supervise individual contractors - he adds.

Deciding to cooperate in this form, the client receives a whole package of added values. Apart from the concrete knowledge about the final cost, also an attractive price for particular services and materials. As a result, the final price is obviously lower than in the case of a traditional form of preparing premises for habitation.

Thanks to this, the investor receives a professional project with visualization, for which in typical conditions he would have to pay several dozen times more. Another thing is the cost of purchasing construction materials. As a result of cooperation with specialist stores, the company receives attractive discounts, which de facto the client benefits from. Similarly as in the case of buying accessories, lighting or making a customized kitchen construction.

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