How to remedy fur in the house? Solutions for furry owners

A four-legged dog brings a lot of joy to the house and very quickly becomes a fully-fledged member of the family. However, his presence makes the owner more and more responsible, not only for daily walks. Allergy sufferers will not decide to share their living space with a furry one, and those who don't like cleaning should seriously consider it. Unless they have their own way to deal with fur.

Hair - on clothes, bedding, floor... Is it worth to fight with it?

When a dog or a cat lives at home, banning it from the bed and from your lap is not enough to prevent the omnipresence of hair. The problem of shedding is worse in spring and autumn when the animals start moulting. The effects are especially noticeable for owners of long-haired furries. Any method of combating shedding only has a temporary effect, but that doesn't mean you should stop - prolonged exposure to dander can aggravate asthma symptoms and even cause parasitic diseases. It's best to combine tidiness with making sure the animal loses as little hair as possible (which can be controlled to some extent, but more on that below).

Patents for cleaning hair

A very simple, but also quite time-consuming method for cleaning hair was presented by Anthea Turner, the English "Perfect Housewife". Her method works well for removing hair and fur from small surfaces such as clothes, blankets or playpens. Turner advises putting a rubber glove on your hand, then getting it wet (under running water or with a spray bottle) and wiping where hair has accumulated. It will adhere to the glove, but only if the material being cleaned is smooth. However, much more problematic to remove is the ubiquitous hair flying all over the apartment, which not only accumulates on clothes, but especially along the walls, in corners and nooks. Thorough removal of hair from the floor is therefore possible only by daily vacuuming, and in this can help us cleaning robot, e.g. Robojet. This device is equipped with a rubber roller and a large bristle brush, and because it works on remote control - so basically all the work is done without human intervention. Just turn on or program the robot to vacuum the entire floor for us. Additionally, you can remove hair from the floor with a velour mop, microfiber cloth, or rubber squeegee. However, it is important to do it every day because the more hair there is, the harder it is to collect it.

How to care for your pet so that it loses less hair?

The basic grooming procedure that a furry animal should undergo is combing (and clipping in the case of long-haired animals). Regular brushing removes hair so that less hair is left on the floor. However, there are methods to reduce hair loss. The most important is to feed your pet a balanced diet rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins A, C and E. Such ingredients are contained in good (and not necessarily expensive) pet foods, which should be the main source of food for pets. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can be supplemented with snacks, as well as dietary supplements with biotin and zinc.

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