Wood boilers - why is it worth it?

Wood boilers are currently an increasingly popular solution for heating homes. No wonder - they have a lot of advantages. Although wood boilers are modern nowadays, it is worth remembering that they have actually been used for many generations. Why choose to heat with a wood stove?

How does a wood boiler work?

A gasifier boiler is the most efficient wood boiler. The wood gasification occurs inside the upper chamber of the boiler, then the wood gas passes through the layer of embers and eventually enters the burner nozzle where it is mixed with air. The mixture ignites already in the nozzle, and burns out in a ceramic chamber located in the lower part of the boiler, i.e. the ash pan. Wood gasification takes place in one space, while the entire gasification process takes place in five zones, depending on temperature. It consists of the following stages:

  • 0. Drying of the wood - removal of the water contained in the wood from the fuel,
  • 1 .Gasification - increase in temperature of the dry wood so that gas is released,
  • 2 .Oxidation - classic combustion during which heat is released. In the oxidation layer the charcoal is already present and the combining of the supplied oxygen with the carbon takes place,
  • 3 .Reduction - a stage in which only the annealed charcoal remains, in which a higher degree of tar decomposition and carbon monoxide reduction takes place.

Efficiency and economy

First of all, it is worth noting that the wood boiler is optimized for high efficiency. It heats up quickly and the heat produced is transferred in the form of hot water to radiators and an accumulation tank, where it can then be used according to the needs of the household. Remember that wood is not only the oldest, but also the cheapest fuel. Thanks to proper design of the heating system in your new home, using a wood-fired boiler will be comfortable for household members, and heating bills will be much lower and will not overload the family budget.

wood-burning stove

Environmental protection

There is no need to write much about smog, because unfortunately it is a very current problem. It is an extremely dangerous phenomenon that can lead to many diseases, including cancer and numerous problems with the respiratory system. Smog even threatens children in their fetal life. It causes that they are often born smaller and lighter and there is a much higher risk of autism. One of the main sources of smog are household heating installations of unsophisticated design and poor efficiency. Properly operated, modern wood-fired boilers, on the other hand, minimize the emission of unburned gases and the accumulation of soot and creosote. Wood is a renewable resource, which also translates into the ecological nature of this type of solution. For these reasons alone it is worth choosing a wood boiler to heat your home.

Wood boilers from zagrzej.pl

When deciding on a wood gasifying boiler, it is good to turn to professionals. Thanks to this we will be sure that both the product itself as well as its installation meet the highest standards. The zagrzej.pl company has professional wood gasifying boilers in its offer. Their casing is made of the highest quality and strong steel. The boilers have a ceramic hearth and a chamotte burner. Cleaning of the exchanger is possible thanks to a lever, which is placed on the side of the boiler. The loading chamber of the boilers has a capacity of 120 l. Their efficiency is above 90% and the power 9 kW.

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