The 15 best closet organization ideas

The idea of a clutter-free closet may seem impossible, but a well-organized closet is totally within your reach. We've collected the best closet organization ideas and tips from experts to help you sort out your own closet. No matter the size of your closet, you can maximize space and create a design that makes you feel good at home. Discover brilliant tips on how to organize your closet and keep clutter under control for good.

Edit and Purge

"My clients are encouraged to purge before I take inventory of their closet. Keep what you really love; donate and part with everything else," says designer Lisa Adams, CEO of L.A. Closet Design.

Make your closet your happy place

"Instinctively, people feel that the closet should be in line with the rest of the house, but then they realize, 'This is my space and I can do whatever I want with it. That means there are no restrictions - you can choose any style you want, even if it's not in line with the rest of the house," Adams says.

Treat your closet like any other room and add decor

A closet doesn't have to be just a storage space. Now that your clothes and accessories are organized, consider adding some design elements like sculptures, candles, oversized books and other decor.

Or build a wall of cubes to store your shoes.

A well-designed shoe wall not only saves a lot of closet space, but also provides a way to see all your shoes at a glance.

Style your jewelry storage

Jewelry organizers can be much more than practical. They also provide a wonderful design element in your wardrobe, like these Lucite bracelet holders in the home of Shay Mitchell.

Get an accessory wardrobe.

An accessory closet hits so many style and organization marks. Does it organize? Checks. Does it free up clothes and drawer space? Yes. Does it take up a minimal amount of space? Yes.

Try a Garment Rack

Large closets with closed doors are expensive and require a huge commitment; instead, look for an open, lightweight garment rack. It works both inside and outside the closet, and has a lot of character - just like the clothes'.

Use metal mesh to hang heels

Proud of your stiletto collection? Consider hanging them on a metal grid. We love this creative closet organization idea (which, really, works in or out of the closet).

Incorporate brass rods

"We use brass rods to display heels and dress shoes because they are more sophisticated," - says award-winning designer Kelly Wearstler. "Underneath you'll find baskets for coats, tennis shoes and sandals. This way, we'll only showcase your best pairs."

Share and conquer

"Everything in your closet needs to be versatile. For handbag storage, we create shelves with glass dividers that can be moved to accommodate a single clutch or purse. And because the panels are transparent, they don't get in the way of seeing the entire bag collection, which we like to arrange by color or material," - Wearstler says.

Add hooks to your walls

You'll create plenty of hanging space and can play around with it if you choose individual hooks, like these curved wall hooks from West Elm. The result? A gallery wall for your sweaters or jewelry.

Use a ladder

A decorative ladder can be really functional: Lean on one wall in your closet and use it to hang loosely folded, worn-but-not-dirty-yet shirts. Or scarves. Or pants.

Shallow Drawers Option

"I like drawers that aren't too deep, so you can see everything at a glance, and you don't have to rummage through them to find something. And we always line them with fabric or wallpaper-even if it's just for T-shirts," says Wearstler.

Let there be light

"You want to be able to see the difference between navy and black when you get dressed. Use recessed lighting, ceiling fixtures, LED lights on shelves and hanging rods - basically everything you need to create a well-lit room," - Adams says.

Have a jewelry tray on hand

Another one of our closet organization ideas? Popping in a jewelry tray. "People don't always have time to put away their jewelry," says Adams. A tray or bowl provides someplace to stow them in a hurry. They also come in handy when packing," says Wearstler.

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