Living in a small space

Outsmart your square footage with stylish solutions for small living spaces.


Even a small room can accommodate plenty of storage. Reduce wasted space by building shelves over doors and windows, using circular under bed storage, or dedicating a wall as a place to hang shelves. Here, the space above and beside the bed is cleverly furnished with hanging cabinets and shelves. With a recessed light, nightstands and a few favorite lecterns within easy reach, the sleep zone is transformed into a cozy, peaceful nook for relaxation.


When it comes to the kitchen, you can never have enough storage space. A sure solution for a small space: a bench with built-in storage. You can store a variety of items in it - the bench is perfect for large platters or oversized cookware - and it's cozy to sit on when the number of guests starts to grow. A popular choice is a seat that resembles a toy chest that rolls over. You can also opt for cabinets that open forward under the seat if the bench is very long or made of heavy material; these will be easier to access than lifting a heavy hinged seat.


Hinged doors require you to leave clearance to open and close them, which can significantly reduce furniture space in a small apartment where every inch counts. Solution: Say ciao to traditional doors and bonjour to sliding doors (or doors on rails). We love the modern look of sliding doors. Make it visually appealing by painting it an eye-catching accent color or using reclaimed barn board for a rustic feel.


A wall desk with integrated shelves and cabinets is a great way to maximize your workspace. We love the way closed storage cabinets allow you to hide your work at the end of the day - perfect for multi-purpose rooms like bedrooms and dining rooms. To keep things Zen, establish a filing routine at the end of the day. A handsome office chair and a few decorative pieces ensure that the work area elevates the aesthetic of the rest of the room.


Turn one room into three, as in this office, laundry and guest room combo. Clever furnishings allow for a streamlined transition from one configuration to the next: an ergonomic desk on wheels is a breeze to shimmy to the side when not needed; a stacked washer and dryer hide discreetly behind sliding doors; and each oversized ottoman transforms into a comfortable single bed for overnight guests.

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