DaPietro restaurant - Italian cuisine different than you think

Good food is for many one of the most important elements of life. In DaPietro restaurant we understand it perfectly. Italian cuisine, in which we are specialists, offers a number of unique solutions, which in their expression are able to enchant even the most picky guests. Thanks to many years of experience we know how to combine flavours to make them harmonise perfectly.

Every day we try to give our guests the opportunity to feel as if they were on a great Italian holiday. All this in the centre of Krakow.

A restaurant in the very centre of Krakow

The DaPietro restaurant is located in the centre of Krakow in the vicinity of the Old Market Square. We have been in business for many years. During all this time we have managed to convince many customers. Today they are regulars in our restaurant. For many years we operated in another location, but for reasons beyond our control we had to move a dozen or so meters to another building. Nevertheless, we still offer our guests not only delicious food at any time of day or night, but also an unforgettable atmosphere which will make everyone feel like in the South.

Many interesting dishes of Italian cuisine

DaPietro restaurant offers many interesting dishes of Italian cuisine. We invite you to visit our restaurant at any time of day or night. We do our best to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Our menu includes various types of cold and hot starters, main courses, desserts, wines or drinks. All this according to the principles of Italian cuisine. Our dishes are prepared by chefs who have incredible experience in their craft. The effects can be felt on the plate. We rely only on original recipes, as well as fresh and high quality products. Italian climate is also emphasized by an extensive list of various wines. Waiters will gladly help you choose. All this makes that in DaPietro restaurant you can eat well at any time, as well as spend a nice time with family, friends or even business associates.

Unique atmosphere and professional service

DaPietro Restaurant is distinguished not only by excellent cuisine but also unique atmosphere. It consists of both the interior and its finishing touches, as well as professional service and ever-present elegance. Our restaurant is located in one of the cellars of an old tenement house, typical of traditional Cracovian architecture. The style is reminiscent of Italian cafes and restaurants. The decor refers to the tradition of that place. The elegance of the place makes you feel special. What is important, when you enter the restaurant you have the impression of entering a different world. Professional and helpful staff will make your stay in DaPietro one of success.

There are not many real Italian restaurants in our country. The vast majority of them are based on trite and strongly modified recipes and ideas. DaPietro is different, which is why it is worth visiting the restaurant and seeing for yourself. Satisfaction with your choice and the desire to return in the future are guaranteed!

You are welcome to visit our Italian restaurant in Krakow DaPietro.

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