The species of fish wins out over its price

Poles are no longer guided by price criteria when buying frozen fish products, according to a report commissioned by FRoSTA. Currently, they pay attention primarily to the species and quality of fish meat in the finished product.

Consumer awareness is growing - explains Aleksandra Wysocka, marketing manager at FRoSTA. - This has been clearly demonstrated by our research. Until recently, price was the decisive criterion for the purchase of ready-made fish products. Today it ranks only 5th in the ranking.

The survey shows that the highest percentage of Poles (55%) pays attention to the kind of fish. Brand trust (43% of respondents) and fish origin (38%) also ranked high in the category of product selection determinants. For consumers choosing from a range of ready-made fish products, the quality of the fish meat in the product is also important - 42% indicate that they choose whole fish instead of minced. Women are more likely to select a ready-made fish dish based on the size of the package and the method of preparation. Women are also more interested in information about the ingredients of the product available on the package and in recommendations from other people.

Customer trust cannot be won once and for all. The origin of the fish, clear product composition - these are the aspects to which consumers pay more and more attention - says Aleksandra Wysocka. - FRoSTA pays special attention to these issues, which can be confirmed by the blue MSC certificate on fish packaging, as well as the 100% Natural Taste symbol, guaranteeing that consumers will find no artificial colouring, flavourings or taste enhancers in our products.

Fish products

The research has also shown that consumers primarily buy products for their next meal - as many as 54% of customers do so. However, as many as 36% do the shopping on reserve.

As far as the method of preparing fish is concerned, consumers prefer frying. 63% of respondents most often prepare dishes in a frying pan, emphasizing the fact that the meal is tasty and crunchy then. At the same time, almost a third of consumers indicate baking, appreciating it for its low fat content.

The survey on prepared fish products was carried out using the CAWI technique, by iAnswer on behalf of FRoSTA, in November 2016. The survey involved 600 urban residents - both men and women aged 20-55 years.

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