We're choosing a table. We choose the legs

When choosing a table or a table for our interior, we are lucky that in many cases we can decide ourselves how the final project should look like. We pay attention to the dimensions, the material of which the top is to be made. And what about the legs? Here, too, the choice belongs to us. Manufacturers compete in ideas, and what can a young, Polish brand Malita Just Wood offer us?

When decorating the living room we try to take care of every detail, taking into account that it is a place for meetings with family and friends. Coffee table turns out to be a very useful piece of furniture - once we know what model fits our space best: we know the dimensions, the type of top - it's time to think about the choice of legs.

The Malita Just Wood brand has several types of legs in its offer. What is quite important here is that they are made on request of wood, stainless steel or powder coated in a colour of your choice.

Wooden table

Once we know what material they are to be made of, it is worth thinking about their shape. Here designers give us a wide choice. Trapezoid, frame, goat, hairpin legs and U-shaped legs. One should remember that legs made of wood will give lightness to the whole construction, whereas if our interior is characterized by minimalism, then e.g. shape, which is arranged in trapezoid, will be good here. Thanks to that, we will obtain a slightly loft character. The hairpin legs look equally interesting. They are quite unusual, but interesting in design. This is a good alternative to standard solutions.

Like the table, we buy the table for years. When choosing it, it is worth to take care of every detail.


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